Bandles are simply sets of widgets combined together by some logic of your choice. All widgets in a bundle can be simultaneously opened or shown, and automatically placed on an OBS Studio scene.

Widgets in a bundle

The top toolbar is needed to hide or show all widgets in this bundle at once, automatically add them to OBS Studio (you need to connect to the OBS websocket server) or add other widgets to this bundle.

Bundle toolbar

Each row with the widget name has a set of buttons for quickly managing the widget's state. The widget can be shown, hidden or launched. Some decorative widgets have no action. Each row can be renamed if you have several identical widgets in a bundle.

Widget actions

How to add a widget to a streaming application

Let's use OBS Studio as an example.
1. Find the Sources tab and add a Browser.
2. In the widget console, copy the widget's URL and paste it into the OBS Studio. Click OK.
3. The widget will be added on top of the stream and upload its data

Add widget to the OBS studio

Paste an URL

Widget preview

Specific widget's background

In some cases it may be useful to use a specific colour for the background of a widget instead of a transparent colour. To do this, go to the Setting page from the Main Menu and enable this option.