Overstream Studio. Helps to make your sport stream better

Desktop application with attractive overlays for your sport streams

What is the Overstream Studio

Overstream Studio is a desktop application that allows you to place additional animated widgets on top of your videostream, such as a ticker, participant information, teamplay score, current time, starting list table and logos.

Every streaming software that supports browsers can use the Overstream Studio application, like OBS Studio, Streamlabs or XSplit. Just paste a widget's URL from a browser to your streaming software and adjust its size.

More details how to work with the application can be found in the documentation.

Visit and watch our thread on the OBS forum to keep abreast of developments.


The appearance of the widgets is fully customizable. Each widget has its own control panel to control its visibility, styles and data it contains.

Here you can check out some videos to see what the widgets look like.


All data is stored only on your computer and is not transferred anywhere. All communication takes place between your streaming software and the Overstream Studio application running on the same machine or in the same private local network.