Versions available to download

2023.06.12 - Overstream Studio v3.2.3

What's new:

  • New widget: Bottom-to-top sliding text with icon support (for members only).
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

2023.05.19 - Overstream Studio v3.2.2

Hot fix:

  • Wrong widgets background

2023.05.14 - Overstream Studio v3.2.1

What's new:

  • Export to a zip-archive of players and participants
  • Size of images is limited to 400kb
  • Documentation on the website has been significantly improved
  • Minor bug fixes

2023.04.23 - Overstream Studio v3.2.0

Warning: This version has been significantly updated. The database from previous versions is not compatible. The interface and functionality have changed significantly.

  • Widgets can be grouped into bundles, and automatically placed on the OBS scene
  • There are new types of streams, such as an individual competition, match, and general stream. Each type of stream has its own console for widget management
  • All data (players, teams, etc.) has been moved to a separate section "Data directory"
  • Desk on your mobile device can be opened by scanning the QR code
  • Many new widgets added
    • YouTube Call To Action
    • Full-screen animated background
    • Animated string of text
    • Match Announcement
    • Match statistics (2 widgets)
    • Match score
    • Player banner
    • Ticker with images and icons support
  • A few fonts were added
  • Some old widgets were updated
  • Documentation on the website was updated
  • Video tutorials - Coming soon!

2023.01.15 - Overstream Studio v3.1.0

What's new:

  • Desk functionality. Desk is a panel with buttons with quick access to some frequently using commands such as widget visibility, scene switching and other

2023.01.03 - Overstream Studio v3.0.1

What's new:

  • Hot fix: Version 3.0.0. was bringing an error when installing on a clean database. (If there wasn't previous installations)

2022.12.26 - Overstream Studio v3.0.0

What's new:

  • New widget: Simple countdown. A countdown timer with automatic scene switching (OBS only).
  • New widget: Team Player (members only). Displays a banner with a team player details
  • New widget: Match Score #2 (members only). Displays a banner on top of the page with team play details
  • New widget: Score Board #2 (members only). A board with detailed scores of a match
  • New feature: Ability to connect to the OBS web socket server and send commands there
  • Membership: Some widgets are not available for free. If you like what I do please support me and become a member
  • New feature: UI Zoom Factor. You can change the scale of an user interface
  • Other improvements

2022.10.27 - Overstream Studio v2.3.1

What's new:

  • You can give your own names to widgets on a scene instead of the standard ones
  • New widget: Scoreboard. A board with detailed scores of a match
  • New widget: Starting Lineup. Displays a lineup of players
  • New master data: Categories. It is used to display match statistics on the Scoreboard widget
  • A player has another one attribute "Label/Role" to use on the Starting Lineup widget
  • Access to a console to manage match statistics and timer is available on a scene screen, not on a individual widget's console. Match data is applied to all match related widgets (Scoreboard, MatchScore), added to the scene
  • Minor visual improvements

2022.07.25 - Overstream Studio v2.2.0


  • Ability to set a specific background color instead of a transparent background

2022.07.21 - Overstream Studio v2.1.1


  • The Teamscore widget - bugfixing
  • Other bugfixing

2022.07.16 - Overstream Studio v2.1.0


  • New widget - Futsal Player
  • Tree of players has collapse/expand buttons
  • Tree of individual participants has collapse/expand buttons
  • Minor visual improvements and bug fixing

2022.06.24 - Overstream Studio v2.0.0


  • Completely newed user interface
  • Team support
  • Support for an unlimited number of scenes and widgets per scene
  • Lots of new fonts
  • A participant's number can be entered manually
  • The starting list supports an offset from the beginning when displaying participants
  • Minor visual improvements of widgets

2022.01.03 - Overstream Studio v0.2.0

The following changes are added

  • New widget is added: 3D rotating cube with your custom image
  • New widget is added: Your custom rotating 2D image with text
  • Other minor visual improvements of widgets

2021.12.09 - Overstream Studio v0.1.2

The following changes are added

  • The Participant widget is customizable with shadow and rounded corners
  • The Starting List widget is customizable with rounded corners and max number of rows in the table
  • Timer in the Competition Score widget has new options to pause and reset
  • Other minor fixes

2021.11.19 - Overstream Studio v0.1.1

A format of a competition score is changed

2021.11.11 - Overstream Studio v0.1.0

A first version that contains 6 widgets:

  • Clock
  • Ticker (running string)
  • Current participant
  • Competition score
  • Starting list
  • Animated fullscreen logo